Special Book Offer

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Visions of Our 44th President and Peter Kaplan of Our World is offering an opportunity to acquire and install a life-size masterpiece bronze bust of President Barack Obama for little or no cost to your institution.

In 2012, Our World, LLC, in collaboration with the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, created Visions of Our 44th President, a groundbreaking, collective art exhibit to honor and celebrate the significance of the first African-American President of the United States, Barack Obama. Forty-four busts were created from a model that served as a blank canvas, giving each of forty-four contemporary African-American artists from across the country free reign to creatively interpret this milestone in American history.

Our World is honored to invite you to participate in a powerful opportunity to commemorate this historic occasion by acquiring and installing a limited-edition presidential bronze at your institution. The bronze statue is the model for the exceptional exhibition and has been meticulously reproduced from artist Matthew Gonzales’ original work of art by one of the nation’s leading foundries, Artworks Foundry of Berkeley, California.

In its first year, over 200,000 visitors had the opportunity to experience the exhibition and there has been extensive national press coverage, including numerous feature articles in all forms of media—print, Web and video. Please visit visionsofour44thpresident.com to explore this amazing collection. The highly-acclaimed exhibition is also documented in a wonderful Visions of Our 44th President Collectors Edition hardcover book.

Free Books

To facilitate and support your acquisition of the Barack Obama Presidential Bronze, we have an extraordinary placement offer that will allow you to acquire the bronze for little or no out-of-pocket expense.


We are pleased to offer participating institutions 400 FREE Collectors Edition books as an incentive to acquire a bronze. The 400 books have a wholesale value of $4,000 ($10 each) and retail for $25 to $30 each.

Book sales in your gift shop or online will certainly assist in attaining the funds to purchase the bronze. In essence, the goal of this offer is for your institution to raise $12,000 (the "Special Book Offer" acquisition fee of a bust) through the sales of the 400 books. For example, 400 books X $30 = $12,000. They are extremely popular and Black Art in America, the leading online portal and social network focused on African-American art, has proven the sell-through success of the Visions Collectors Edition hardcover books on its website. Recently, the University Museum at Texas Southern University became the first HBCU to take advantage of this incredible opportunity. 


We have established an Internet-based fundraising concept that will increase the sales of the book at crowdrise.com, a leading peer-to-peer fundraising platform. Additionally, our offer includes the services of a highly-respected digital marketing team to assist your group in reaching and most likely exceeding your fundraising goal.


Just imagine the results as this legacy project comes to fruition and you take ownership of and display the Barack Obama Presidential Bronze at your institution. Your members and visitors alike will surely appreciate the importance, inspiration, and significance of this historic installation honoring the nation's first African-American President, Barack Obama


Thank you for your consideration in supporting this historic endeavor and please feel free to contact Peter Kaplan for more information: pk@ourworld.us.