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Arthur Bacon, artist

From There to Here

Arthur Bacon, artist

“Having been severely beaten for sitting in the wrong room of a train station, just 50 years ago, it didn’t take long to decide how I would paint the bust. Chronological series of images in acrylics pay homage to countless maimed, murdered and enslaved African Americans.”


Art Bacon played a significant role in the civil rights movement, taking an inhuman situation and turning it into an artistic career. His experience includes over 40 years spent as an educator at Talladega College.


Bacon was recently named Professor Emeritus of Natural Sciences and Humanities. He is painting more than ever and writes and recites poetry.


Bacon’s work is found in the collections of the State of Alabama, Fisk University, Bill Cosby, the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, Congressman John Lewis and Hank Aaron.


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