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Visions is honored to exhibit the above busts at the 


Association of African American Museums 

August 2016  |  Annual Conference
Riverside, California

Politico Magazine 

(Print & Web)  |  Jan-Feb 2016

The Detroit Hub

January 25, 2013

Ambassadors Inaugural Ball 

Washington, DC

January 21, 2013


Cover: Sunday Arts and Books

By Liesl Bradner    January 19, 2013

The Huffington Post

By Kate Abbey-Lambertz  |  October 16, 2012

Visions of Our 44th President,”

Exhibit of Barack Obama Art, Opens at Detroit Museum


Though they started out blank, the forty four busts of President Barack Obama in the gallery of a Detroit museum are now a wild array of color, pattern and style. “Visions of our 44th President,” a show at Detroit’s Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, represents a cross-section of contemporary art with 44 African-American artists from across the country, including several from Detroit. But while they work in a range of media and styles, the artists—Faith Ringgold, Allie McGhee, Mildred Howard, Tyree Guyton, Hebru Brantley and many more— all had the same canvas. It’s a blank bust of the president, modeled after an original by Matthew Gonzales, an artist included in the exhibition....“Visions of Our 44th President” is a joint effort of The Wright Museum and Peter Kaplan of Our World, LLC.

Detroit free press

December 20, 2012

Visions of Our 44th President

Ambitiously conceived, this exhibition explores the meaning and metaphor of Barack Obama as America’s first black president. Organized by guest curator Ashley Whitfield, the premise is fascinating: Forty-four artists across the country were given an identical colorless bust of Obama and the freedom to create whatever they wanted. The show is The Wright Museum’s first that will travel to other museums and libraries—a milestone. Many of the pieces are exuberantly painted, hagiographic expressions of joy and pride, but the most valuable dig into issues of identity. Joyce Owens’ layered paint and dotted lines suggest a mask, evoking W.E.B. DuBois’ ideas of double-consciousness. Tatyana Fazlaizadeh’s “Is He Black Enough?” finds the president’s facial tone gradually shifting from pitch black to lighter brown; the title conjures up criticism Obama has faced from some blacks while also referencing the pride or fear that the idea of blackness sparks in others.

The grio


By Similoluwa Ojurongbe  |  Nov. 6, 2012


Detroit Museum Holds Exhibition of 44 Busts of President Obama


Detroit’s Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History is holding an exhibition called “Visions of Our 44th President”. It features 44 contemporary African- American artists using different styles and mediums of choice, all adding to a blank bust of President Barack Obama. “Some of the painted busts are thought provoking, serious and strong, some simply lovely and sweet; all are unique and revealing,” said Peter Kaplan of Our World, LLC, who collaborated with The Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History on the exhibit.

The Hub

By Karen Dybis  |  January 25, 2013

...This has been a monumental week: The swearing in of our 44th President and the celebration of Martin Luther
King Jr.’s birthday. The Kid (age 5) needed some visual aides to appreciate it all, so we packed up and headed downtown for a mini field trip to the Wright Museum, located in the heart of the city’s brilliant Cultural Center. Stating the obvious, if you haven’t been to this fine institution lately, you’re going to be as amazed as I was at how much they have added to what already was an impressive place. The latest exhibit, “Visions of Our 44th President,” is what inspired the authors of the sticky notes. The Wright Museum is the largest museum of African-American history in the world. In September, The Wright Museum added “Visions,” created in partnership with Our World, LLC. A group of 44 contemporary artists used a blank, plain sculpture to interpret their thoughts on the first African-American President. (The display, which will become the museum’s first traveling exhibit, will be at The Wright Museum until August, 2013.)

Press and Events

The Visions of Our 44th President Exhibition has drawn large crowds wherever it has appeared. Below are snapshots from the Presidential Inaugural Ball in Washington, DC, The Harlem Fine Arts Show in New York City and the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans.


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Presidential Inaugural Ball
Essence Music Festival
Presidential Inaugural Ball
Harlem Fine Arts Show
Presidential Inaugural Ball
Essence Music Festival
Presidential Inaugural Ball
Presidential Inaugural Ball
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