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Gilda Snowden, artist

Starry Night

Gilda Snowden, artist

My desire to make a worthy statement about this historic event required me to examine a number of narratives that could be translated into visuals—images having to do with Obama’s personal history; the trajectory of the Civil Rights struggle and pictorial dialogues with my parents and other elders of my family who unfortunately didn’t live to see a Black man become President. I decided to distill all considered down to basics: a sturdy platform underneath, silver hair representing wisdom, and stars representing eternal, illuminating light on a deep, rich skin and the blue of the sky.”


Gilda Snowden (1954-2014), was a Professor at Detroit’s College for Creative Studies and she left an indelible mark on her city. Her work can be found in the collections of the Detroit Institute of Arts, Neiman Marcus and Compuware.


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