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Dayo Laoye, artist

Man of the People

Dayo Laoye, artist

“Man of the People was created to show Obama’s effect on people around the world. He’s loved by many because he is trying to make life better. I used the palette colors of the ORISA-Yoruba Deities—Black/Red (for clear path); Blue (meaning Goddess of the sea through which our ancestors journeyed); Red/White (protection); Red/Blue (wisdom/prosperity); Yellow/Red (beauty); Black/White (fighter); and White (creation/ creativity).”


Born in Nigeria, Dayo Laoye graduated from the School of Fine Art and the Yaba College of Technology. He worked for the Nigerian Television Authority, various advertising agencies as a graphic artist and for two national newspapers as a political cartoonist.


Laoye became acquainted with contemporary African American art while studying at Howard University.


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