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Charles Bibbs, artist

Black and White and Read All Over
(Collaboration with Poncho Brown)

Charles Bibbs, artist

“It has been an honor and privilege to be selected as one of the artists for Visions of Our 44th President. This was an uplifting and a most memorable lifetime experience for me to be included in such a prestigious project with artists from all over the United States”


Inspired by the profound patriotism of Obama,
Charles Bibbs decided to take the patriotic approach, by creating a collage using acrylic and ink to hand-paint popular statements made by the president during his presidential campaign, and stars and stripes on his face to depict Obama’s love for his country.

Charles Bibbs and Poncho Brown are internationally acclaimed and highly recognized for their exceptional work, entrepreneurship and philanthropic spirit. Since 2003, they have worked on several collaborations, producing some of the most beautiful and masterful images in the country.


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