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Larry Poncho Brown, artist

Black and White and Read All Over

(Collaboration with Charles Bibbs)

Larry Poncho Brown, artist

I see Obama as a man of powerful words. Globally, people from all walks of life have been captivated by him, his family, and what they represent. Finally, the ultimate positive depiction of a black man, a family man, and a role model. YES WE CAN!”

This bust was the only collaboration in the series of 44. Poncho Brown and Charles Bibbs were honored to share creative energies that depicted the essence of Obama, a great American, and the historic day when Obama was elected the first black president.

Poncho’s artistic collage on the President’s face demonstrates Obama’s run for the White House. The torn paper represents the many facets, dimensions and the essence of the man behind the headlines. Black and white were selected to symbolize his mixed heritage and the unification of races that voted him into office.

Poncho Brown and Charles Bibbs are internationally acclaimed and highly recognized for their exceptional work, entrepreneurship and philanthropic spirit. Since 2003, they have worked on several collaborations, producing some of the most beautiful and masterful images in the country.


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