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Cory SaintClair, artist


Cory SaintClair, artist

Cory SaintClair adorns President Obama’s bust with images of iconic African American leaders and activists. A master of freehand airbrush techniques, “SAINT,” as he often signs his name, captures the collective journey from civil rights to the White House.


Armed with only an airbrush, Cory SaintClair is out to rewrite the book on automotive artwork. He flunked 9th grade art for not following the rules; 18 years later, not much has changed.


The 38-year-old still isn’t playing by the book, but ironically, today that’s part of what makes him one of the premier air-brush artists in the world. His airbrushed vision of President Obama features portraits of several of our most brave, tireless and dedicated leaders.


Here, the cool of graffiti culture meets the cool of our president and the legends upon whose shoulders he stands.


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